Saturday, January 28, 2012


Hello dudes! Probably I'm back for good now but never trust your blogger, you never know with them. Here are some shots from the last few days.

Pic 1: I love Ben&Jerry's and especially Cookie Dough so I just had to enjoy some of that yesterday.
Pic2: This Wednesday we went to check out a school that I'm interested in and near that school is a great sushi restaurant so I forced my Dad there so we could eat a lovely dinner.
Pic 3: A picture I took on my way home from school for some days ago.
Pic 4: Last Sunday it snowed a lot and this is one of the pictures I took.
Pic 5: The Cookie Doughs.
Pic 6: My evening litterature yesterday, Second World War and Spoiled. Lovely combo.
Pic 7: I've made a deal with my Dad that if I bake his favourite cookies he will buy nice boxes to put my homebaked cookies, so here they are!
Pic 8: Perhaps the best sallad I've eaten so far this year. So friggin' good.
Pic 9: A picture taken from my bed this morning. Not great weather, but at least it's not raining.

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