Monday, December 12, 2011


Eeeh sorry for the bad blogging. I'm in school every day -non stop. But this week-end has been lovely. On Friday night I went to one of my closest friends Sofi for dinner and just a lot of talking and laughing (and dancing!) with my friends. I had a great time and it's sad that we dont do it so often!
On Saturday I woke up at eight o'clock. Seriously, I suck on sleeping for a long time on week-ends. But I had time to read my book and bake that morning which was a good thing because afterword the day went so fast. At noon Emma came and we went Christmas shopping together and now I've bought all the gifts, yey! When I got home I went to a party that some of our family friends had and which we always go to, every year. At seven I went to a family ro babysit their child, such a cute little boy -I adore him, hihi! When I got home I watched the Noble dinner for a while and then I nearly fell asleep on the couch.
Yesterday my Dad and I went shopping a KitchenAid I thought, but it turned out to be a wanna-be from Bosch. It had the same features as a KitchenAid so I had to go along with it. When we got home I went out jogging, I baked some lovely cookies and went to my grand-parents and socialized with them for a while.
When I got home I called the week-end a wrap, I was kind of tired I must say...
Today I was in school all day and at the end of school we had choir cause tomorrow we have our concert. And we have to be in school quarter past seven in the morning. Kill me. Or not.
Love you guys, xoxo N

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