Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Aloha! Sorry for late blogging again. Today I was in school until four (had choir for two hours...) and then I went out jogging in the horrible weather. Afterword my Dad and I went to buy some stuff for the house, went grocery-shopping and bought take-away (yummy!). When we had eaten I was totally exhausted so I decided to just read and not bother about anything else. And now I'm sitting here, blogging very late again.
So now I'll show you my "must-have" shoes if I was a little older, so to say...:

I've always loved Elin Kling's style and now that she has her own brand is even better! These are to-die-for. I'm not kidding. Lovelovelove.

Btw: Jealous of my friends Sophie and Amanda who are going to see Coldplay in Copenhagen next summer. They booked today, sooooo jealous right now. Haven't talked to my Dad yet about this but if I ask really nice perhaps I can go too? Please? Or do I need to ask Mr. Darcy (which means Santa Claus in my world...) for this? "I used to rule the world..."

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