Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Helloooo! Okay, what's my problem? I can't continue with blogging this late all the time. But today I finished school at four and when I came home I thought of going out running but the weather wasn't sooo nice so instead I tried to see Gossip Girl but the Internet sucked and so it has the whole evening and still is. But my dear Mom gave me this great suggestion -to stick my iPhone to my computer and tada! I have Internet! So there's my story of today kind of. Oh, yeah! We went "Lucia" this morning which was totally crazy. The first show was OK, the second one sucked and the third one rocked! And the headmistress treated us with buns and gingerbread, yey!

Pictures from today in school...my friend Elsa was "Lucia" and did a great job! And afterword it was time for lessons again and as you see on the last picture it rained all day long...!

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